Noob GCode questions/call for assistance
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Noob GCode questions/call for assistance  

Steven Hechtl
Noob GCode questions/call for assistance

Hello all.

I am running a Ender 3 V3 KE using the old Ender 3 S1 Pro profile on Prusaslicer with some modifications to speeds, but am curious about just using the GCode from Creality Print (cura 4.x with their logo) in my prusa gcode. I understand its not a simple copy and paste, but any tips on what to change, and even especially a proofreading would be greatly appreciated. Some prints are coming out faster on one slicer, some are using less filament. Its arbitrary which is which but I would like to fix my purge line and possibly make it so the nozzle doesnt just sit on the bed while all the heating takes place. Im not a programmer and new at this so the most layman of explanations would be fantastic.

Thanks in advance

Posted : 10/12/2023 5:20 am