Multimaterial Painting. Only one layer?
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Multimaterial Painting. Only one layer?  

Jimi Hendrix
Multimaterial Painting. Only one layer?

Im sure there is a setting, that I am just missing...  but..

When multi material painting an object, is there a way to 'paint' more than just the topmost layer?

It would be GREAT if we could pick how many lines inward it goes, as many filaments dont show up well unless they can be layered with at least two layers.

Posted : 21/06/2024 10:38 pm
Illustrious Member

It reads like you are not using multi-*material* but multicolour.

Painting is an afterthought tool for use if you have no other easily available option.  Colourability is really a CAD function, not a slicer one.

For depth control you have much more flexibility by breaking the model into different colour parts/layers in CAD then loading as parts - or if you have patience and a steady hand print monochrome and paint with enamels post printing.


Posted : 22/06/2024 1:32 am
Active Member
RE: Multimaterial Painting. Only one layer?

Use the brush to paint and choose the sphere option. This creates a ball of color that penetrates the object. Slice it and pull the layer slider down to see the effect on the inner layers at the point you painted.

Posted : 25/06/2024 9:26 am