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Multicolor question  

alexandre p
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Multicolor question

I have one question for prusaslicer. is it possible to print in 2 color in the same layer with manuel color change ? exemple in white print text and after make color change and switch to black for rest of layer ? 

Posted : 18/03/2023 1:16 pm
RE: Multicolor question

Simple Answer, Yes

White printed in front of black, tends to look grey in many instances. 
White comes in MANY Opacities...   for lithophanes low opacity is good, in this use case, you want a really opaque white. 

I don't remember the manufacturer, I got a roll of 'Signal White' filament, it is really opaque. 

this is an old post but it covers some of the steps.

Rainer also has a post on the subject

Regards Joan


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Posted : 18/03/2023 1:56 pm
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Follow Joan's advice. It takes a bit to set up but it works well. You want to make sure that your printer is well calibrated and I usually turn elephant foot compensation off to avoid artifacts in the first layer. 

As Joan hinted at, this technique works better for some colors then others. Light colors such as yellow or white against dark background can be a bit of a challenge and you may need 3 or more layers of those colors. And of course the more layers, the more color swaps....

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Posted : 18/03/2023 2:51 pm