Mouse Control - Rotate around an object ?
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Mouse Control - Rotate around an object ?  

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Mouse Control - Rotate around an object ?

Is there a way to use the mouse rotate around an object rather than the center of the print bed?

When I put a smaller object on the corner of the print bed and zoom in, mouse rotation jumps around as it rotates around bed center.

I like to take a zoomed in look at the print preview before sending to the printer.  I mostly print objects I create in Fusion, and I find a lot of user errors before I print that way.

(Obviously, I could just center objects on the bed... But I find it easier to remove objects if they are on the front end of the bed.)



Posted : 14/04/2024 2:03 am
Walter Layher
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RE: Mouse Control - Rotate around an object ?

You know that you can move the view by holding the right mouse button, right?
When I do this, zoom in and use the left mouse button to rotate the object it stays in view.

Posted : 14/04/2024 8:36 am
Neophyl liked
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RE: Mouse Control - Rotate around an object ?

Thanks for the info... I am aware of RBT move... unlike you my object slides "out of view" when I rotate... Let me add a pictures.

If I am zoomed up as in the first picture... and I rotate the object slides off of the view window as in the second picture.  I can't see the back of the object w/o  un zoom, rotate, and re zoom.   (Or center the object on the build plate)

My question is if there was a keyboard rotate modifier (like Alt+left mb rotates around the object or current view) or some other way to rotate around an object.

I haven't found one, so perhaps not.


Thanks for looking.


Posted : 15/04/2024 3:50 pm
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No there isn't anything in the settings like that.  You have to centre the object perfectly using the RMB and then it will rotate around the point.  Its a skill thing that takes practice unfortunately.  You can also select an object and use the z key which can sort of help.  Also the number shortcuts give you the cardinal point views such as top, sides etc.  They are listed in the shortcuts.

There are several existing requests on the PS github, for example

Posted : 15/04/2024 4:07 pm