MK3S+ - Presets not showing up after saving them
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MK3S+ - Presets not showing up after saving them  

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MK3S+ - Presets not showing up after saving them

I am trying to create a file for a model, but Im running into what Id say is a very simple dead end. And by that I mean, It should be easy enough you choose a nozzle size, but for whatever reason, the .4mm isn't listed. .25mm, .6mm, and .8mm are listed. I created a new printer preset that has the .4mm included (MK3S+ .4mm .25mm .6mm and .8mm), but after finishing/saving the preset, it is not listed in the preset drop down list. Does anyone know if 2.6.1 is solid, or is it in something of a beta?
I did also create a separate printer profile/preset for a printer I don't have, and that populated just fine in the dropdown list. It's like creating new profiles/presets for a printer that you already have stay unlisted.


EDIT addendum question: Will the program automatically remove unsupported nozzel's based on the project? I doubt that's the case here, being that .25mm and .6mm are both still options.

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Posted : 29/09/2023 10:45 pm
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Printer Settings > Extruder 1 > Nozzle diameter


Posted : 07/10/2023 10:55 am