Missing Print Acceleration Y parameter
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Missing Print Acceleration Y parameter  

Missing Print Acceleration Y parameter

When printing a model with stability problems, sudden movements of the platen along the Y axis can cause it to lift off and fall.In PrusaSlicer, several advanced settings can limit these movements :- Print Settings > Speed > Acceleration Control: but they also limit the X axis movements,- Printer Settings > Machine Limits > Maximum acceleration Y: but these will limit all future prints.

What do you think about adding a new parameter to PrusaSlicer, such as :

- Print Settings > Speed > Acceleration Control > Maximum acceleration Y (all functions) ?

Posted : 29/11/2023 8:54 am
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RE: Missing Print Acceleration Y parameter

 There are already maximum acceleration values for X/Y/Z/E as well as ones for when extruding, retraction and travel moves. So no separate settings are needed, they already exist.   Those can be emitted into the start of the gcode using the M20x gcode commands.   At least for many printers.  
https://reprap.org/wiki/G-code#M204:_Firmware_dependent   Just make sure you have the option to Emit to gcode enabled.

The printers firmware is 'supposed' to take those as the maximums and then ignore anything sent with a faster accel later in the gcode.  However many firmware are programmed badly and don't.   But that's a printer problem, Prusa Slicer devs don't view that as a slicer issue (I'm not a prusa dev but that's my impression based on when I've seen similar issues raised on the PS github). 
If you set an acceleration faster in the Print Settings profile then your PRINTER firmware using the Machine maximums is supposed to ignore the higher value and cap it to what has been set for the machine on that axis.

If your printer has trouble with faster Y accelerations then just set it to a suitable speed in the Machine limits.  That is what the setting is for.  If your printer is one of those that ignore the configured maximum and uses the higher value used in the rest of the gcode then you need to take that up with the manufacturer/ supplier of the firmware.


Posted : 29/11/2023 1:15 pm