Improvement suggestion - Ironing
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Improvement suggestion - Ironing  

Jérôme Fortin
Improvement suggestion - Ironing

Situation : I mostly print mechanical or structural parts. And I often have to iron specific surfaces. For example: For better fit with other pieces, for pieces that have to slide together or for trying to get a nice surface that wont leak once press together with a o-ring or a seal. So I personalty would like some more option for ironing. I'm pretty certain other people would like that to.


Cooling adjustment option for ironing.

Objective : Fine tuning finish and most of all solving lack of adherence for the next layer.

Since ironing takes time, I often get adherence issue with the next layer. The external finish aspect also change at the next layer. I've concluded that it is because the rest of the piece becomes too cold while waiting. So I have tried to manually turn off cooling while ironing (by editing g-code) and it solved everything. Keep doing so since.

That's why I would like to be able to set a % of the current cooling setting in the ironing section of PrusaSlicer. If to complicated to use %, first of all I would like be able to turn cooling off while ironing. In fact, I would like to be able to adjust cooling % for all theses layers:

  1. For the entire ironed layer.
  2. For the previous layer. (So it stay hot longer)
  3. For the next (or tow) layer(s). So it would be like starting over from the bed.

Then cooling would resume as it was set before.

Adjusting cooling would also be useful in layer modifier

This option could also be really valuable in layer modifiers. In fact, since I often need to iron only a specific surface (IE : Where a o-ring go's in a part.) I'm already using a layer modification to indicate where I need ironing. If I could also turn off the fan in the same modifier I would. It would be nice. But I would need an other modifier to turn it back on later. It still would be easier and faster than editing g-code each time.


Extra overlap around the ironed perimeter

Sometimes, I would need ironing to go a little more outside the perimeter to be ironed. I don't know if it should be something corrected in the function itself or an option that should be adjustable by the user. In any case I would use it almost every time.

I always get some noticeable "scrapings" at the beginning of the surface ironed (first line traced) and also where it resume a zone that could not be made continuously. I truly believe that resuming a bit before the last line would erase that junction line I get every time. By going a bit outside all the possible scraping would be hidden inside the peripheral wall. Even better, inside the fillings.


Purge nozzle option after ironing

I think filament sometimes get overcook while ironing mid size surfaces. Since it go's really slow the same mater stays inside the nozzle for a while... 

This purge of some filament would happen at specific X-Y coordinate. (Or maybe a global purging coordinate parameter could be added.)  Then if the piece is not finish, it just resume. I think it would be useful to have a purge function that may be call in other situation too.



I took some time to read other post in here and I know that other people would like other things related to ironing. Such as: Changing colors or so. But for now I will limit this first topic of mine to what I know best and need. Feel free to add what's missing for you.

Go to go. That it for now.

Posted : 24/02/2024 10:12 pm
Illustrious Member
RE: Improvement suggestion - Ironing

Hi, this is a user to user forum.  The devs dont really check here.  All feature requests, bug reports etc need to be made over at the appropriate github.  For Prusa Slicer that is located here  

However before opening new issues please search both open and CLOSED ones with likely keywords as there are over 3600 open ones and many many more closed.  For example   

Posted : 29/02/2024 7:28 am