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Force gap infill  

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Force gap infill

Is there a way to force PC to infill tiny gaps like in the pic?

Posted : 28/11/2021 6:26 pm
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There is no easy way to fill gaps that are narrower than your extrusion width other than to use a smaller nozzle.  This is the other side of the thin wall problem where structures thinner than the extrusion cannot be printed.

Paints and varnishes run into such gaps so most are disguised in post-processing.


Posted : 29/11/2021 1:04 am
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RE: Force gap infill

Not that I am aware of.....

Posted : 29/11/2021 2:06 am
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I don't know what the rest of the world does, but I would adjust my first layer extrusion width: to something a touch higher then defaults and perhaps change my Infill/perimeters overlap: to something just a touch higher then 25%.


of course all of this assuming your using a 0.4 nozzle and have your Z adjust correctly in the first place, and your using the current final version of 2.3.3.





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Posted : 29/11/2021 2:42 am
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