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Estimated time from CLI  

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Estimated time from CLI

I would like to get the estimated time from the sliced project from CLI.

When I try for the FFF project I have the right g-code parsable with "estimated time".
When I try for the SLA project, prusa-slicer returns a SL1S binary file without "estimated time"
GUI works fine with both project type

Thanks for your support in advance

Posted : 06/12/2022 9:46 am
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RE: Estimated time from CLI

Hi Filippo.  This is a user to user forum.  While you might get an answer to your question its more likely given the nature to be a software issue.  as such you really need to post an issue on the Prusa Slicer github project.  That is located here

There are many things the CLI doesn't do compared to the gui given the already open issues so its likely that this is another one of them.

Posted : 06/12/2022 9:51 am