Ender 3 v2 neo with sonic pad (klipper) gaps between perimeters
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Ender 3 v2 neo with sonic pad (klipper) gaps between perimeters  

Ender 3 v2 neo with sonic pad (klipper) gaps between perimeters

Hello all

I recently acquired my first fdm printer the ender 3 v2 neo and a sonic pad running klipper. for the last month since i got it ive been using cura with good results but not perfect, i moved over to prusa a few days ago as recommended by a friend and lots of people on forums ect.

Immediately the print quality was very clear that it was a good step up from cura and any little defects and bad spots i was getting from cura was gone.
However im getting some gaps between perimeters that i cant seem to shift. ive calibrated my e steps and pressure advance and input shaping.
ive tried increasing the flow from what was 93% going by wall thickness tests up to 100%, extrusion widths, infill/perimeter overlap to 30 and 40% (which helped little gaps i was getting between infill and the perimeter) slice gap closing radius, perimeter generator from arachne to classic then detect thin walls and nothing seems to solve this, the files im printing are printed by lots of other people that i can see from a discord channel that you join when you buy the files so i know its not the file itself and has to be slicer or user error. 
am i missing something? 

this was the last attempt with a higher flow rate of 95%
gaps in perimeters/yellow lines on prusa slicer

Posted : 31/05/2023 10:36 pm