configuration import for all printers does not work
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[Solved] configuration import for all printers does not work  

john doe
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configuration import for all printers does not work


i have  two printers (mk3, mk4) set up in my system presets and one user preset with the mk3 with a 1,4mm nozzle. and i have several filaments.

when i change to another printer model or another nozzle size for the same printer model, some filaments are missing and i don't know why.

i exported the config in all three ways - config alone, config bundle, config bundle with printers and imported it, tried it several times. still: some printer+nozzle combinations have all the filaments profiles available, some combinations miss newer filament profiles. i can not see a principle behind or a reproducable error - it seems just random. that would mean, for every new filament i would need to add this filament to insert at least 3 times for the most used printer-nozzle combinations. this is annoying.

what am i doing wrong? prusa help did not help, forums have no solution to find.

mk3s+ (kit), mk4 (kit), pla + petg

Posted : 01/10/2023 3:50 pm
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Many profiles are only visible with certain combinations.  Its not random.  Many of the filaments have been created and tested with specific nozzles on the prusa printers.  The filament settings also contain the linear advance settings.  When you change the nozzle size the linear advance values need to be tweaked.  As such Prusa set the compatibility for the ones they have tested with.  When you have a different printer the filament profile is also different (even if its for the same filament generally).  So yes different printer/nozzle combinations do have to be done multiple times.  That's just the way it works and you don't have any choice about that.  After all plastic does flow differently with a different nozzle.

If you want profiles to be available to everything then you need to break the dependency chain using the detach buttons and ALSO check and potentially change the compatible printers conditions in the profiles. Change to Advanced mode if you aren't already and look in the Depenencies settings.
You do need to be aware that the LA values will likely be incorrect but you could also set them up with conditionals for YOUR specific in use printer/hardware.  That way you have have a single filament profile but it has to be customised for YOU.  Either that or accept the Prusa ones that they have done all the work setting up.  Just copy yhr values from all the seperate filament profiles and put the right conditionals and values in the custom gcode fields of the filament profile.

Afterwards you will need to save your profile as a custom one of course.  This applies to both print and filament profiles. 

As for the forums not being help, there are existing threads about this.  You just have to use google search with the  "site:" key rather than the forum built in search which, erm sucks frankly and leaves much to be desired.
For example "site: filament dependency"  

Posted : 01/10/2023 4:14 pm
john doe
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RE: configuration import for all printers does not work

thank you very much for the detailed response - that is very helpful.

though i am trying to understand what my printers and materials do and don't trust so much on automatics, i may be the victim of the flawless function (for home/amateur users like me) of my prusas, since you need to care about so less things with these fine machines. including all my filaments thrown in both printers and nozzles from 0,4 to 1,4 without any issues.

let's check out the dependency switch then, i guess - that was new for me.

mk3s+ (kit), mk4 (kit), pla + petg

Posted : 01/10/2023 4:28 pm