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0.30 Print settings removed  

0.30 Print settings removed

On the Prusa mk3s when I select the 0.40 printer I had several Print settings with 0.30. The 0.30 is in the MK4 printer gone.

Can this added in the next release. For me this was the perfect setting for speed and quality.



Posted : 21/04/2024 11:21 am
Illustrious Member
RE: 0.30 Print settings removed

Requests for print settings need to be made at either the Prusa Slicer github or the Prusa Slicer settings repository.

However is your MK4 the IS version ?  If so then at fast speeds the extruders volumetric flow probably cant keep up with the amount of plastic it needs to melt and 0.3mm layer height.  If it is then that is likely why it is not available.  

You can always create your own profile and see what you get anyway in the meantime. 

Posted : 21/04/2024 11:29 am
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