Prusa Connect - Open Beta is Here!
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[Closed] Prusa Connect - Open Beta is Here!  

Jan Olejnik
Prusa Connect - Open Beta is Here!

We've been running a closed beta testing of our upcoming print farm management software Prusa Connect for some time now. With many bugs fixed and new features added, we feel now is a good time to bring the beta test to public space - so grab your Original Prusa i3 MK3S+ and a Raspberry Pi and jump into remote 3D printing with Prusa Connect a PrusaLink!

First things first:

To register for the open beta, head over to and sign in with your Prusa Account. There is no longer any approval process, simply apply for the open beta and jump in.

Right now, Prusa Connect works only with the MK3 / MK3S+, support for more 3D printers is coming a bit later.

Once you have gained access to Prusa Connect, you can head over to the local subforum called Introduction and Instructions which contains all the important PDF guides, download links and more.

Your first step is uploading our special Raspbian image onto a Raspberry Pi Zero W, which turns the board into a device we call "PrusaLink" - essentially a little something that helps the MK3 to communicate over the network. Then, you can use Prusa Connect, which is a robust web interface, to control your 3D printer remotely.

Once you have everything configured and start printing, you can visit other subforums and share your feedback, ideas and bug reports.

More updates coming soon!

Happy (remote) printing!

Prusa Research - Content Manager

Posted : 09/03/2022 5:13 pm
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