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Side and back opening  

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Side and back opening

So I keep looking at the Prusa Box and it does not look a nice as this enclosure and I love my Prusa printers but I wish they had made it ss you can access from the sides. Waiting to see them actually ship and find out if it’s mod-able to make that happen.

Posted : 27/06/2022 4:00 am
Jakub Dolezal
RE: Side and back opening

Hi Joshua,

the design of the enclosure (sturdy frame) allows for multiple adjustments including creating other openings. We have chosen the current setup as it works for most of the applications and allows for stacking, where almost all your sides are blocked by other enclosures.

However, stay tuned, something is coming ... 🙂 

Assembly manuals

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The guy behind Prusa assembly manuals...

Posted : 12/08/2022 8:26 pm