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Filtrationsystem Addon. Airflow not well directed.  

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Filtrationsystem Addon. Airflow not well directed.

Hi, i'm happy with my enclosure so far.  Yesterday i did a print with PLA+ and because nobody else was at home 🙂 i switched on the filtration-system (quite noisy), left the doors open to keep the temperature down.

(I love the PLA+ as its very easy to print, has a nice silky texture and has better strength than PLA.)  No problems whatsoever so far.

But yesterday some of the parts did warp (like ASA or similar) i have had that never before with PLA+.

I did it again with the fan off, and everything was fine. (room-temperature around 23 deg. Celsius)

To make a long story short. I think, the airflow (it is downward) from the fan "cools" the plate/part too much.

So its not a good idea to have it running during the print. I probably have to add a second fan to extract the air, or redirect the airflow.

Do you have the similar issues ?

Posted : 20/09/2023 7:37 am