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XL 2T. Any way to move spools to right side?  

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XL 2T. Any way to move spools to right side?

Hello all,

So I contacted support team abou this. I live in a small apartment, and want to put my 2T XL against a window on the left side, so moving spool holders to right side would have been ideal. Prusa support told me to just do it, connect the filament sensor to opposite side connector (right from front) and use the menu option to switch the side. All good!

I move the filament sensor but then, darn, the ptfe tube will not reach the filament sensor. Ok, so I move the dock positions to the middle positions (say, positions 3 and 4). In pos 2 the ptfe won't reach the filament sensor. I try this and... during dock position calibration I get 'dock position out of bounds' error. So it doesn't work.

Got back to Prusa support and they share indeed, this can't be done, this will be shared with dev team. And I get it and I trust Prusa that this option will come in the future.

For now, I will put my XL against the window and use the MMU spool holders intsead of the XL's. With the space I have, the XLs spool holders don't work, as the XL is next to the window. But the MMU spool holders do work.

Coming here to community - do you guys know any option to get filament sensor to right side on a 2T? Thanks!

Posted : 28/11/2023 11:34 pm
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That's weird... on the 5-head model, they have spools loaded on both sides. Which suggests there's a filament sensor on both sides of the machine. So why couldn't it just be swapped?

They didn't make left and right-handed filament sensors, did they? If so, I'd like to talk to them about modularity, part count, and costs. 🤣 


Posted : 29/11/2023 3:33 am
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Topic starter answered:

You can connect the left side 3 filament sensor on the right side. There is even an option in the menu now, to indicate you have swapped it to the other side. But then the PTFE tubes from extruders will not reach it - and if you move the extruder's docking position, it will error out during dock calibration.

A "solution" would be for me to buy a longer ptfe tube, clearly...

Prusa support also agreed this made sense (that there should be a way to switch sides). Limitation here is the software, the dock calibration - you should be able to indicate position you want docks to be in, and calibration not error out if not in standard locations.

Not being negative about this, we already see how the software is improving with each release, and this doesn't feel like a huge priority.

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Posted : 29/11/2023 8:43 am
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Similar problem. Started from needing to move the screen to the right because had room in cupboard on sides but limited in depth.

I successfully moved the filament sensor to the right. 

Also moved the screen to the right. Will put the model up soon. Current version works but may need some adjustment.

Note: screen cables are not long enough to move the screen to the left side of the machine. Unless the whole route is opened up and redirected to the left side of the machine. 

What i needed to do was take a longer piece of PTFE tube and replace the first dock tube. Second dock tube was long enough and had smooth bends to the right. 

The filament sensor cable is too short to make it to the right from its current position (connector on the left). Its just long enough to get to the left side.

Solution: Its five wires in the bunch.  Cut one wire at a time (could not be bothered with marking the ends etc). Solder strips of wire between (maybe some other connection version works as well but soldering should be foolproof). Smack the filament sensor on the right. Be sure NOT to pinch the cables when reattaching the covers.   I may be an idiot and the second filament sensor connector on board may work fine if calibrated. But I did not want to take the risk considering moving the dock in other holes is not supported. Somebody else can test this. Also should be Ok to use new original wire sold in shops:



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Posted : 23/12/2023 6:33 pm
RE: XL 2T. Any way to move spools to right side?

Are there any instructions for changing the bobbin side? I have a 5T machine, by default there are 3 bobbins on the left and two on the right. But the right filament sensor is empty, so you can't "just change sides". Do I now have to recalibrate each filament sensor? So that it is no longer 1 to 5 from right to left, but from left to right?

Otherwise there is the well-known problem that the tubes are too short, so that 1 and 5 are on opposite sides

Posted : 07/02/2024 8:13 pm