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Bad Stepper Motor?  

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Bad Stepper Motor?

12 hours into  a 16 hour print, I checked on the XL and found that the tool head had fallen off. No problem, re-attach and resume. Except this time it was different.

When I re-attached and resumed, the printer began making a loud grinding sound and much louder vibrating. the extruder also only tracked back and to the left vs re-starting the print.

After several attempts to recover the print had failed.

I attempted to re-calibrate the X and Y axis with the calibration tool but the same result occurred: The print head would track back and to the left.

I noticed that the left stepper motor was making the loud vibrating sound, and if I pinched the motor shaft it would stop spinning but continue to "humm".

I was unable to pinch the right motor shaft and keep it from spinning.

I believe I have a bad stepper motor on the left side, but am looking for consensus from the community.

Prusa is now sending me a new motor and hopefully this fixes the problem.

Any input would be wonderful!

Thank you!

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Posted : 29/05/2024 1:46 pm
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RE: Bad Stepper Motor?

Here is a link to the video:

Posted : 29/05/2024 1:52 pm
RE: Bad Stepper Motor?

I have a similar experience right now on the same motor though the motor works intermittingly but overall my XL cant print anything. Trying to work with support right now to reach some solution. @Daniel did you receive your replacement motor yet and did that fix things? Unfortunately i cant just order that motor even if i know its the issue as they don't sell it individually on the shop. 

Posted : 07/06/2024 9:52 pm
M.J. Caboose
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RE: Bad Stepper Motor?

You're taking the word out of my soul ...

In the meantime I am fed up with my XL ...

I had (and still have) issues with layer shifts, tool parking crashes, completely off layer prints ...

All of them seem to result from the (also left) stepper motor. I had it in for service in January ... the issue got less obvious and not every print is failing ... but since I am mainly printing large multicolor objects several couple of filament ... even more time ... and also energy have been wasted.

It really is a pain with support in the meantime ... They are friendly and try to help ... no complains there, but calibrating the printer, checking belt tension, printing test prints and homing towers .... and what not ... over and over again is not going anywhere.

After raising more pressure I was told to send it back in to service ... I am aware that an intermediate problem is difficult to identify ... but I am having my printer now since round about November 23 ... and never ever was happy with it ... expecially consindering the price range.

The only acceptable way in the meantime for me is to exchange the printer. But it is almost impossible to get in contact wich somebody who has any kind of decision power.
Currently I am dealing with unanswered emails, contacting support and trying things by myself. Up to now I tried a lot of things like

  • Tweeking the printing parameters (to avoid filament blobs)
  • Installing nozzle wipers
  • Running puerely with Prusament
  • Reducing print speed (normal print speed, never used input shaper)
  • ....

Until recently I had a tool crash after bed leveling .. so no filament or any forces / crashes involved ... WHAT?
Believe me, I was short before repairing the thing with a sledge hammer and dump it in the front of Prusa's office on the street with a greeting card. That would have been worth the 260km drive from Regensburg 🙂 ...

So I am really interested in our experience when changing the motor and doing a couple of long running prints ... did it fix the issues for good?

For that money I would have expected a working printer ... especially with the experience Prusa had with the previous models. But no .. it is worse in every way ... A printer in the 4k€ range should just work out of the box ... to install nozzle wipers, board cooling fans and such things are a no go. When I want to have a machine for tinkering, I go for something in the <500€ range.

- Made by me -

Posted : 17/06/2024 10:18 am