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[Sticky] Original Prusa XL Multi Toolhead + important links  

Same Old Shane
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Original Prusa XL Multi Toolhead + important links

Homepage for the Original Prusa XL Multi Toolhead

Did you know that each printer we produce has its own main section in our help section? It is your one stop location for links to everything you will need for your printer including the current up to date final release versions of; 

  • Firmware
  • Drivers & Apps (includes PrusaSlicer)
  • Printable parts
  • Assembly manuals
  • 3D printing handbook
  • Helpful articles and guides
  • ...and a lot more

Please note that this section covers both the single and multi tool head version of the XL. 

Printable 3D models:

Example models (verified G-codes) that are shipped on the USB Stick are also provided in our drivers and app package and can be downloaded as a part of the Drivers & Apps package, which is available here:

Networking (Prusa Connect and PrusaLink)

We have an extensive collection of guides and articles on getting set up with either Prusa Connect or Prusa Link and adding various options to each. The can be found over here.

E-SHOP & Spare parts

Main page in the eshop for the XL (both single and multi tool version)
Main page for parts; (please note, you have to be signed into your account on the eshop)

Shane (AKA FromPrusa)

Posted : 05/02/2024 6:52 pm
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