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Horizontal Drag chain  

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Horizontal Drag chain

Why doesn't the XL have a horizontal drag chain.  It would make enclosure creation so much simpler and increase chamber temperature by reducing the volume.  I'm trying to sort out a chamber design that harnesses the front rails (similar to the non-released accordian draft sheild) and a simple box extension on the top of 100-125mm.

Posted : 10/08/2023 9:58 pm
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RE: Horizontal Drag chain

Probably due to cost savings. Same reason they scratched the draft shield and other parts.

Not sure if this is right on a 4000€ plus printer.

Posted : 04/10/2023 9:15 am
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The issue are not really the cables (XL uses canbus so there are much fewer cables one needs to accomodate anyway) but the 5 individual filament tubes. You can't force those through a cable chain easily and you need to have them designed so that they are not mingling up with each other, yet are flexible enough to accomodate fast movements. E3d's tool changer has a similar cable/tube management like the Prusa XL. 

I have seen other tool changers using a sideways concept where tubes/cables are leaving the enclousre sideways, extending the effective footprint to the sides and also leaving major gaps in the enclosure. I don't know if that is a better strategy.

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Posted : 04/10/2023 10:52 am