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Printing goes very wrong - Please help  

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Printing goes very wrong - Please help

I have previously bought two PrusaSlicer1 , can i get some help please, as we are having difficulties with the printer at the moment.


I have bought the printer mainly to produce castable resin for manufacturing jewellery. They were all working fine until just before the furlough started. Please see attachment for the recent print outcome.


This doesn’t happen every day though it’s almost like a hit and miss for me on daily basis. Sometimes I place just one ring on top of it, yet there is a massive block covering the whole printing plate.


I was wondering if there is any support or advice I can get, if not, does anyone know anyone can repair this in UK? preferably in Birmingham area.


Thank you so much guys.


Posted : 29/04/2021 2:20 pm
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RE: Printing goes very wrong - Please help

Run an LCD test. My bet is that your LCD is toast. I was getting similar bizarre results and when I ran the test it just showed "garbage" instead of the logo.

If it has less than 500 hours on it and there is no sign of physical damage you can try to get Prusa to replace it, but it took some arguing and consideration of all the other issues I had with this printer before I could get them to budge. They had me return the bad screen, but I never heard back on what they determined.

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Posted : 29/04/2021 2:57 pm