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Just received SL1 - initial feedback  

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Just received SL1 - initial feedback

Hi all,

dont see many posts on here regarding the SL1. As i have just received mine today, I thought I would post my initial feedback.

I guess there is not many posts as the machine just works !!

I am a hobbyist, and I have two Prusa Mk2.5S's, an Anycubic Photon and a Formlabs Form 2.

The SL1 certainly is a quality machine. The interface and calibration is better than my Photon, such that it will be taking over as my daily driver.

The Form 2 is a lovely printer and Preform is also a very good slicer. Of course the costs of Formlabs Resin and the VAT's are expensive, and now with the Form 3 around there will be a finite lifespan of my Form 2. Not that I can afford the Form 3 at this moment in time.

I will be printing some parts on both the Form2 and the Sl1 to see how they compare, but so far I am very impressed with the Sl1.

Good job Joseph  and team.

Posted : 22/07/2019 3:46 pm
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RE: Just received SL1 - initial feedback

Would love to see some comparison prints !

Posted : 26/07/2019 9:54 am
Jakub Dolezal
RE: Just received SL1 - initial feedback

Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad you like it. Also, looking forward to see the comparison of the prints 🙂

Assembly manuals

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The guy behind Prusa assembly manuals...

Posted : 05/08/2019 3:47 pm
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RE: Just received SL1 - initial feedback

Kudos on the review! Cant seem to find reviews on youtube about the quality of the machine or any comparison with other SLA printers. 

Posted : 13/10/2019 9:07 am