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How to open Prusa connect  

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How to open Prusa connect

Hi there,


how do I open Prusa connect in my browser to watch my SL1 print remotely?



Posted : 28/04/2020 10:06 pm
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RE: How to open Prusa connect

Isn't this for the Mini only?

Posted : 28/04/2020 11:21 pm
RE: How to open Prusa connect

Under network on the SL1 you can get the IP address of the printer. Using that in a browser http://<SL1 IP>:8000 connects to the printer.  When I tried today on FW 1.3.3 the page was empty in the browser. I think a simple status is displayed when the printer is printing...

It would be nice if it was possible to upload/browse STL files on the SL1 via the network, but I still have to use my FlashAir for that.

The Sl1 has a power full processor with a small Linux, turning on some kind of network access should be possible...

Have a look at my models on 😉

Posted : 30/04/2020 8:03 am