Deep Blue Transparent Tough Resin by Photocentric - Exposure time
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Deep Blue Transparent Tough Resin by Photocentric - Exposure time  

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Deep Blue Transparent Tough Resin by Photocentric - Exposure time


I have SL1S Speed printer and tried to use "Deep Blue Transparent Tough" resin made by Photocentric for Prusa

I used resin preset from Slicer with times of 25 sec for first layers and 5 sec for other layers. I get really bad print results with this settings. Platform was not able to tilt/lift normally, it was actually shaking when lifting after tilting. Also, tilting time was extremely slow, as stepper motor would not have enough power to tilt.

I assume that exposure times were too long and that resin cured and sticked too much on the FEP film.

Since calibration tool for the resins is still not available for SL1S Speed (beta version 1.7.0 is not working) I am wondering if someone used this resin with good results and would be willing to share the exposure times.

By the way, my printer is correctly calibrated and I get nice print results with Prusament Tough Orange resin with default 25/2 sec exposure times. Also tilting works normaly with that resin and settings.



Posted : 22/05/2022 8:58 pm
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Hi pinplate,

This might not be the answer you want to hear, but I use the Prusa profile very successfully (...)
I use this resin to print parts for my FDM printers which are exposed to heat (I might be wrong, but I think it is the best Prusa-profiled resin in regards to heat resistance).

Did you try to use different options (on the SL1S LCD) before you start the print?

Best, Thomas

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Posted : 17/09/2022 5:37 am