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Rips or non sticking portion of layers  

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Rips or non sticking portion of layers

Cant figure out why I am getting "rips" in my prints.  I am showing three examples.  Some models are coming out without any issue and some are having bonding problems.  The 2 mandolorian models are printed exactly the same (just reprint thinking it was an artifact) but it did it again on a different spot.  The dental model I printed on a different printer (Sprintray) with different resin, but it did not have the issue.

Any suggestions on what can cause this.  It is a new printer.  I have run the calibration multiple times, I am getting some models that are absolutely perfect so I can't figure out what could be the difference. 

Just to note the black is just where I marked it with a sharpie to show the ripped area.

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Posted : 26/01/2022 3:30 pm