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Squeak Sound with Silk PLA  

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Squeak Sound with Silk PLA

I have been having some issues with Aceaddity 3D Printer Filament multi color silk PLA. It is fine until about 70% (on every model) then it starts to make a squeaking sound. Almost like 2 Styrofoam cups rubbing together. It sounds like it is having issues moving the PLA through down to the nozzle. I have tried adjusting the retraction and the temp all with the same results. Always around 70% it squeaks. I have even tried adjusted the screw with the spring on it (sorry I don't know what that is called). I have dried the filaments. I have 4 different color variations and they all squeak. 🙁

Prusa i3 MK3
Layer Height 0.12 mm
Wall Thickness 0.8 mm
Wall Line Count 2 & 3 (Tried both)
Z Seam Alignment Sharpest Corner/Hide Seam
Infill tried 20% & 30%
Line Distance 4.5 mm using Grid
Printing Temps tried 200, 205, 210, 215
Print Speed 30 mm/s & 45 mm/s
Infill Speed 80 mm/s then tried 60 mm/s after it clogged
Retraction 0.2 & 0.8 (Tried both)
Retraction Speed 35 mm/s & 40 mm/s (Tried both)
Z-Hop When Retracted
Z-Hop Height 0.6
Build Plate Temp 60
No Supports (been testing with the Prusa Tree Frog)


Posted : 22/02/2024 12:59 am