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Automatic color change using layer height  

Automatic color change using layer height

I am using PrusaSlicer to slice a model that I have added multimaterial painting. It is a four-color model, and uses blue, black, red, and white. There is text on the model that is printed on the top 10 layers. I would like to have the top 5 layers of the text to be white, so I assumed I could just add a color change at the specified layer height, but selecting the position of white (Extruder 4) does not change the color of the model. Extruder 1 is the only option that includes "(used)" and when selecting that option and color, the color does change, but I believe this will force me to remove the blue filament located in Extruder 1 and manually swap the filament for white when the print is at the specified height, just like a printer without an MMU. It looks to me as if I cannot perform a color change based on layer height without manually swapping the filament. Am I doing something wrong, and/or is there a workaround for this issue?

Posted : 18/05/2024 4:27 pm
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