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PVA Troubleshooting - please help!  

Diego Medics
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PVA Troubleshooting - please help!

Hi everybody!

I'm Diego from Italy. Got 3 Prusa i3 MK3S, 2 of them with MMU2S.

I'm starting to print using PVA as soluble support for prinitng Medical Models, very complex geometries.

Although I'm having some issues, fist of all I am experiencing lack of adhesion (Smooth Steel Sheet). But the strange part is that i'm experiencing this issue only on the wipe tower. Basically I think that the default speed that the slicer assigns to the toolhead is too high.

In fact I have tried 2 different prints: one with manual override to slow the print (A) and one without (B).

on A the print of the wipe tower failed and I had to throw away the print.

on B the wipe tower printed good and remained attached to build plate.

No problems going to 100% speed on the Benchy I was printing. (PVA raft with brim and supps / white PLA for the model)

after i had a load failure on the MMU so i dropped the print but the supports were ok and raft was still very attached to build plate.

Analyzing the G-Code i have found out that the print speed of the first layer of the wipe tower and first layer of the object is different from any other speed value in the slicing parameters (and i think this is the main issue also when swapping materials in MMU2).

My question is: is there any kind of override I could use inside Prusa Slicer in order to lower the print speed of the wipe tower? (using an Ultimaker S5 in Cura I have the possibility to modify this specific speed)

Another point, IMHO, is that it would be useful, when printing PVA, to be able to print Raft/Brim/Skirt using PLA, and then have an Interface Layer of PVA on top of the raft before starting the print of the object.

I'm using this configuration in KissSlicer for a 3ntr A2V4 printer in order to have better plate adhesion (and less issues using PLA) while keeping a good base for printing full-soluble supports. It is also less expensive of course. 

if you have any experience in printing PVA and have any suggestions please share your experience! 🙂

kind regards to all of you!


Posted : 27/11/2019 2:51 pm