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Cycle through extruders  

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Cycle through extruders

I'd like to print something like the following with the MMU2S:

  • 0-2mm: Extruder 1
  • 2-4mm: Extruder 2
  • 4-6mm: Extruder 3
  • 6-8mm: Extruder 4
  • 8-10mm: Extruder 5
  • 10-12mm: Extruder 1
  • ...

I know I can do this with PrusaSlicer by slicing the object and manually adding the filament changes in the Preview, but that's tedious. I thought it could also be done by adding Height Range Modifiers for the object, but I seem to be unable to change the extruder. More importantly, I would like to automate this - to cycle through all extruders, switching every X mm. Short of editing the G-Code, is there a good way to do this in PrusaSlicer?

Posted : 10/06/2021 10:57 pm
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Your question was just answered here.

Posted : 17/07/2021 11:36 am