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Constant Red & green flashing lights  

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Constant Red & green flashing lights

My mmu2 does the reset red & green flashing lights reset thing constantly when I try to start a print. I’ve tried loosening the spring on the selector drum, I’ve updated the firmware to the newest version, but it’s still resetting.

I start a print, it heats up, tries to select the filament, the selector drum zeros, then the flashing starts, the my resets it’s self most of the time, and it happens again.

This happens with the single and multi material prints.

Please help

Posted : 30/11/2022 2:04 am
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RE: Constant Red & green flashing lights

This is an electronics problem, not a mechanical one, so changing the spring tension on the idler will not help.

First of all check the wiring, especially the connections to the MMU board they are known to corrode and get weak with time. If you are lucky that will solve your problems, if not:

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Posted : 30/11/2022 4:27 pm