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Temporarily disable MMU?  

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Temporarily disable MMU?

I need to print something flexible and want to disable the MMU for this one job. Previous I could jam the MMU with a piece of filament and reset the printer to enable printing without the MMU. Disconnecting is a bit much work IMHO.

Posted : 24/04/2019 6:41 pm
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RE: Temporarily disable MMU?

At the moment I also print with TPU. I'll do it like this:

  1. I load the TPU into an MMU slot as usual.
  2. Then I choose Load to Nozzle.
  3. If this is successful, the printer is ready, otherwise, repeat.
  4. I slice the model not for MMU2S but for MK3S without MMU2.

This works for me. The filament must be released manually with "Unload Filament" after the print.

Posted : 25/04/2019 6:13 am