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Stallgard Sensitive & Compile  

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Stallgard Sensitive & Compile

Hi Everyone,

I have made some extension cables for my MMU2S . Wired everything up today, everything turned on just fine. However, when I went to move position, the homing of the selector and probably the idler, "tried" to find the stall for long time, with a lot of motor noise. The reason for this is that I wanted to move the control board out of printer enclosure I have made out cardboard. I have found that in the higher temps, the MMU2s overheats and cannot provide the necessary current to the steppers.

From another thread, I founded and then in the config.h file I found :

// SG_THR stallguard treshold (sensitivity), range -128..127, real 0-3

#define TMC2130_SG_THR_0 5
 #define TMC2130_SG_THR_1 6
 #define TMC2130_SG_THR_2 1

So, I am thinking that either _0 or _1 needs to be a larger value????

Also, if someone can point to some information on how to upload the modified config files via Ardunio IDE that would be awesome too. Thank you so much Prusa Community.


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Posted : 05/07/2020 5:14 am