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Splitting a part by using PrusaSlicer Cut  

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Splitting a part by using PrusaSlicer Cut

I would like to print a part with Z<=4 from one filament and Z>4 using a different filament.

I thought this might be possible by loading two instances of the part into PrusaSlicer and then using the CUT feature to slice off 4mm on the bottom of the first part and 4.2mm and up from the second and then overlaying them.

But Prusaslicer then seems to want to place both on the baseplate, rather than allowing me to stack them

When I edit the Z position of the second part it basically ignores my input and changes it back.

Any thoughts on how to accomplish this? I only have the STL files, not the original CAD file.

Posted : 05/03/2020 1:04 am
RE: Splitting a part by using PrusaSlicer Cut

You an use the the single extruder colour change feature. 

Slice you model first, then go to the preview page. Move the slider to the required  height  and  click  + sign.

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Posted : 05/03/2020 1:16 pm