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S3D Profile for MMU2S?  

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S3D Profile for MMU2S?

Any one got a good S3D Profile for the MMU2S? I could print the presliced "Dragonstone" over almost 40hrs with a great result, but I'm struggling to slice my own with S3D and get a successful print. There was a profile posted by a user on their forum (now gone) and I've used the g-code scripts from that but......


Posted : 22/04/2019 9:30 am
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RE: S3D Profile for MMU2S?

honestly i wouldn't bother using anything else then Silc3r PE with the MMU, especially since S3D is not really giving any support at all since more than a year.

Just look into their forum for feature suggestions, something like octoprint integration has been asked multiple times since 2015 and not even an answer why they are not including it.

Posted : 24/04/2019 6:35 am