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MMU2S Mounting Position  

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MMU2S Mounting Position


I was thinking about the positioning of the MMU2S on the MK3S. Originally it is mounted on top of the frame. Here are my questions for a discussion:

1) Doesn't this add stress to the frame? The MMU is pretty heavy so is there a chance/risk to - although only temporarily - bend the frame and therefore having different print results to when the MMU is not attached?

2) Even if the answer to 1) is a no, is there any hardware-software-firmware related reason to not mount the MMU to the wall, an enclosure or something similar? Of course one has to fit a longer PTFE tube to the extruder and maybe a guide for the tube but that should not be much of an issue as long as one doesn't create tube paths that are extremely long.

Thanks in advance for your opinions.


Posted : 27/10/2021 8:52 am