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MMU loaded wrong filament  

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MMU loaded wrong filament

Midway through a 6hr print my MMU2s decided after unloading filament 1, to RELOAD filament 1, print the areas that should have been printed in filament 2, then unload filament 1, and re-re-load filament 1 to continue with the rest of the print.

I'm talking to support now but it seems their script is to calibrate sensors, tell you how much of a screw should be protruding, and then tell you it must be your filament.

Does anyone know what might have caused this? The loading/unloading of everything seemed to work fine, except that it printed with the wrong filament.

Why would the printer unload a filament and reload it 2 times without thinking something was wrong?

Posted : 16/04/2021 12:08 am