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LOading FIlament Issues  

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LOading FIlament Issues

I have an original with the MMU2.  Every once in a while I have difficulty loading filament.   The filament is grabbed by the MMU and when I start a print, it loads to the extruder. However, then the light on the MMU turns from green to red and the filament travels back and forth. Then I receive an error that the MMU needs attention.

I have calibrated the sensors and cleaned sensitive areas and made sure gears are lined up correctly.

Again, this only happens occasionally.

I have been on the chat with Tech support numerous times and no resolution is working.

Any ideas?












Posted : 06/12/2022 2:26 am
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Hey and welcome to the forum! You might want to take the time to look around a bit and find the MMU2 subform and it's content. I also highly recommend the MMU2 documentation and finally you need to be much more precise in your description if you want to get a more specific answer than:

You need to calibrate your IR-Sensor and FINDA sensor correctly (it does not matter how often you already calibrated them, the majority of loading/unloading issues is caused by improperly calibrated sensors)

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Posted : 06/12/2022 11:20 am
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To figure out if there is a problem with the two sensors one can also "fake" load filament. For that pre-load no filament to the MMU, remove the tubing between MMU and extruder and choose on the menu "load to nozzle". Whichever filament path. When it then tries to move the filament forward, insert a short piece of filament >(~20 cm) from the front into the selector until you hit the metal ball and trigger the upper sensor. The MMU should accept that and then try to load towards the extruder. Take another piece of filament (~20 cm) and insert it now into the extruder until the gears grip it and trigger the lower sensor and it starts extruding a bit of the filament. The MMU should now think it successfully loaded filament. 

Does that work? If not, at which point does it fail?

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Posted : 06/12/2022 12:12 pm