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Improper retraction length when using E3D Nozzle X  

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Improper retraction length when using E3D Nozzle X

So when I print single-color prints and it comes time to retract the filament out of the extruder, the drive gears don't turn enough revolutions to remove the filament from the extruder before being pulled out by the MMU2S, then this causes a jam. When I print with a multi-color print and turn up the retraction length in PrusaSlicer a few mm it works fine every time.

Why won't PrusaSlicer let me change the value in single-color mode?

I believe this is caused by my new 0.4 Nozzle X which uses some slippery coating and is steel instead of brass, thus making the filament just longer enough to cause me problems. I didn't have this issue with the brass nozzle.

Regardless, I'd prefer to change the retraction value in the MMU2S' firmware from 2mm to 5mm to have this issue solved not only during prints but for when I ask it to "Unload Filament". How would I go about doing that?


Posted : 03/10/2021 7:01 pm