Code snippets for toolhead change and Filament selection
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Code snippets for toolhead change and Filament selection  

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Code snippets for toolhead change and Filament selection


i installed the MMU2.0 Upgrade on my i3s printer and have some issues with Simplify 3D now.  I do not see the pattern yet, but the MMU does weird stuff at the beginning of the print (Extruding some filament 1 on the entry line. then change to filament 2 and pint the rest without entry line.

I assume this is fixable by adding some code snippets to S3D?

I dont want to do elaborate multi-color printing in S3D. I mainly want to do  two color print depending on layer height. I tried using extruder 0-5 in S3D, but after a toolchange (which does change the filament correctly), it won't extrude anymore. Also as the filament needs to be purged automatically now, i would want to do a second entry line next to the first rather than building an entire purge tower for a single color change...


Can someone tell me how to code the following:

+ Choose filament in the beginning (For single color print)
+ Do a filament/toolhead change properly
+ Do a new entry line

Also is ther a code documentation somewhere? I am new to gcode and most documentation i can find seems to revolve around CNC machines rather than FFP..


Thanks for any help

Posted : 03/11/2019 2:19 pm