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5 color print skipping over extruder 3  

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5 color print skipping over extruder 3

I was trying to print my first 5 color print with my Prusa i3 MK3s+ with MMU2S and for some reason it will not print from extruder 3. All other prints before this one and all single color and 3 color prints work fine.

The print started out normal where it loaded filament 1, printed with filament 1, unloaded filament1. Then it loaded filament 2, printed with filament 2, unloaded filament 2. The MMU then skips 3 and loads filament 4, prints what should be filament three with filament 4, then it goes to the purging block and purges filament 4 and prints with filament 4 where filament 4 should be. It then goes on to filament 5 fine and repeats the process for each layer (I stopped it after a few layers).

It is the strangest thing and has never happened to me before until this first 5 color print. I was thinking that the problem has to be with making the gcode but I am not sure. I unloaded all the rolls of filament and loaded them back up, I trued switching around the filament numbers in prusa slicer, I also checked if the firmware on the printer and MMU is up to date and it is. The prusa slicer is up to date also.

I am hoping somebody else has run into this problem and knows a way to fix it.

Thank you

Posted : 30/06/2021 3:29 am
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RE: 5 color print skipping over extruder 3

Does it try to load and fail and than move to the next or completely skip it?

Have you installed the latest firmware or only checked it? I would flash the latest firmware any way. I have had some strange problems and re flashing fixed those for me. (printer and mmu)


Posted : 01/07/2021 6:44 am