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Troubleshooting print quality  

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Troubleshooting print quality

I've had my MMU2S running for quite some time - I'm very happy with it.  However, recently I've had some major issues getting prints to come out with the quality I expect and have experienced with my MK3S MMU2S.  I had a PINDA failure a few weeks ago and bought one from, had many issues recalibrating XYZ which led me to the support page.  I think the PINDA isn't very sensitive and I had to move it down nearly to the same height as the nozzle in order to find the 3rd calibration point.  I finally got it calibrated and went through the first layer calibration (LIFE ADJUST Z) to get a nice first layer (-2.05 because of pinda location)... 


My prints are mostly completing but the quality is really bad.  The attached are printed with Prusament PETG with the stock profile (reindeer was .20 qulity) and the calibration cube was .10 detail.  I get tons of burn 'junk' embedded in the infil and the qaulity is just poor.  Any suggestions on where I should start troubleshooting? 


Running latest firmware on both MMU and MK3S and prusaSlicer 2.2.0 on Linux and also Windows. 



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Posted : 03/12/2020 6:01 pm