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Silicone Spacer Mod  

Michael Oakley
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Silicone Spacer Mod

I did the silicone mod upgrade and i also have the new y carriage for the mk3s.

After running bed visualizer i make adjustments, but the adjustments cause the heated bed to touch the top of this hex nut.

i used the original spacer in the middle.

Any further adjustment causes the board to bend between the front spacer and the middle.

is a taller spacer needed in the middle for this mod?

Posted : 24/04/2024 11:37 am
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- do some mesh levelings, so you have numbers to work with. 
- look which of the points will come most close to the heatbed. 
- choose a distance for this one. 
- calculate back for the middle one. And you will know how much room to add. 

PS: I am working on the same for a MK2.5. with 2 points close together in the middle and 4 in the corners (no threaded holes)
my plan: 
- find the smallest distance needed at any of those points. 
- calculate back to middle ones
- place spacers on one and use the beercan-method (search for that) (if needed) for the other one.
- spring-mods for the outer four points using:
- flat nuts (to not touch the frame), printed nut holders to prevent turning when adjusting. 
While doing prechecks found that there is play in the bearings, so will also replace those. 

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Posted : 24/04/2024 2:36 pm