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Request for suggestions (Extruder/Filament sensor)  

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Request for suggestions (Extruder/Filament sensor)

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Looking for some suggestions for a after market filament sensor setup for the extruder filament sensor. I've tried a few mods and currently am using the one with are very tall filament sensor setup (I can't remember where I found it and have since absent minded lost my "3D Download" folder. I have spent what seems like hours messing the the thing and I cannot seem to get consistent results. I use a hex key (or a piece of filament) to get it lined up and the sensor reading "1". I also keep a bit of filament in the MMU to keep that sensor to a "1". When I start a job it will work about 60% of the time and then the sensor will go to "0" or flash back and forth between the two. I think I've tried three or four and replaced the filament sensor and cable to the MB a couple of times. Not really sure what else to do in order to get consistent results and it's getting to the point where the fiddle monkey and fun meter are pegged to the max. Anyone have any good success with any particular sensor housing/setup? Thanks in advance! Yes, I have looked at and read everything I could find and try on this forum and the sometimes hateful Reddit. Just looking for some potential fresh ideas.

Posted : 19/06/2022 3:27 pm