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Help > MK3S+ with Klipper + Screen + Pi 3B  

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Help > MK3S+ with Klipper + Screen + Pi 3B

Hi, im sorry im a noob on klipper things like this

I have mk3s+ and i want to use my pi 3 B and klipperscreen for mk3s+

I know how to install mainsailOs & Klipper cause previously i use klipper on Ender S1

1. Can i just use usb from pi to usb on prusa board?

2. Can i wire from PSU to buck converter to supply power 5v 3a to pi 3B?

3. Does the Sdcard slot unusable when klipper already installed?

Thank you for your attention 🙏

Posted : 04/03/2022 9:16 pm