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Filamentholders - quick fix with wrenches  

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Filamentholders - quick fix with wrenches

I was just about to print as I accidentally broke one of the original prusa filamentholders, fiddling with some new cones and plastic straps.

I thought this was funny and just wanted to show you all a quick replacement if time is of essence.
(I love my prusa mk2 i3)

...almost the same angle as the original filament holders 🙂

Posted : 03/09/2017 10:16 am
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Re: Filamentholders - quick fix with wrenches

cool !
I like this kind of inventive thinking: use the tools that you've got and come up with an unconventional solution.
especially in case of emergency.

dem inscheniör is' nix zu schwör...

Posted : 03/09/2017 11:17 am