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[Closed] Stacked 3Dverkstan 3 hole face shield  

Ray Fox
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Stacked 3Dverkstan 3 hole face shield

Has anyone found or made a stacked version for 3Dverkstan 3 hole face shield?

I created in Fusion 360, but when import into PrusaSlicer, it either won't print (empty layers), even though added 4 cylinders (small) to connect.

OR it will only save (Fusion 360) one frame, even when grouping.

I have printed and disturbed 100, one at a time!!


Ray Fox

Mt. Juliet, TN

Posted : 07/05/2020 5:03 pm
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RE: Stacked 3Dverkstan 3 hole face shield

There are several STLs out there for stacked Verkstan frames. However, the Verkstan FAQ specifically recommends against stacking for quality reasons. From the FAQ:

The main problem we’ve seen is prints that have a very rough finish such as open top surfaces. This makes it very difficult to properly disinfect the parts which is of course not acceptable. We have also seen prints that are not structurally sound and risk breaking apart, again something that we cannot risk happening.

A rough finish will make disinfection much more difficult for the end user (weighing the value of your time versus the intended end user's, theirs is worth many times as much). After some testing, we've gone strictly with fitting as many frames on the bed as will fit but not doing any stacking. It's not a race. Sure, we don't get the glorious feeling of bragging about pushing out hundreds of frames, but they are of better quality and safer to use.

Some dingaling locally has been handing out frames with no transparencies, creating work for the end users looking for the actual damned shield. The local fire department asked us to simply provide complete shield assemblies and are tossing those.

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Posted : 07/05/2020 6:38 pm