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[Closed] Print slightly larger model  

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Print slightly larger model


I need to print a 216x216 model on a prusa mk3s(250x210). I tried to enlarge the y bed shape by 10 and modify the y origin value by -6 so it would fit on the print bed perfectly: . Additionally I removed the skirt.

However, this method does not work as the printer simply cuts the object at x=210. The model itself is not positioned correctly on the print bed, even when I placed it at y=0 in the slicer. I know this is possible as I seen it in some youtubes videos, but they do not show the print settings. Can someone help me on this?




Posted : 23/07/2020 9:55 am
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RE: Print slightly larger model

What about adjusting the % x,y,z values from 100 to about 97?

Posted : 29/07/2020 11:40 am