Quick Question Regarding Extruder Skipping
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Quick Question Regarding Extruder Skipping  

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Quick Question Regarding Extruder Skipping


I'm a happy owner of a new MK3 Kit which I've just finished yesterday and have been tuning. I've fixed my Z issues (although there is still a bit of ringing but it doesn't seem to be affecting anything print-wise.)

The only remaining issue I don't like is that I'm currently printing a large relatively flat piece for a test and I'm getting some extruder skipping. I've had to up the nozzle temp to 220C and lower print speed to 50% to get it to be minimized for this print, although there's still a tiny bit of a skip every once in a while. What I've realized, however, is that I've been slicing my STL's with the MK2 profile in Prusa Control (and I was running this one on 0.3mm Draft mode.) I've been using Prusa Control due to its simplicity so I can hopefully determine if I've built the machine properly or not (this is my first 3D printer build.) This large piece is also the first print I've noticed extruder skipping on, and I believe the first I've tried a 0.3mm layer height on in the MK2 profile.

I noticed that when I switched the machine profile to the MK3 in Prusa Control, 0.3mm is no longer an option as a layer height. Could this difference between the MK2 and MK3 profiles be causing these extruder skipping issues? (My first layer turned out okay due to the much slower print speed of that layer).

I'm wondering if I should stop this relatively long print, could the difference in profiles negatively affect the machine/extruder? The real test I should do to test my build, I suppose, is print one of the large included files on the SD card (except I don't really want any of them lol).

Thanks for reading!

Posted : 18/03/2018 8:40 pm
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Re: Quick Question Regarding Extruder Skipping

Your layer height could be the problem. The E3D V6 can only heat up and extrude so much filament, I've seen a lot of people see the upper limit is about ~15mm^3/s. You can calculate this using <Extrusion Volume>/(<Layer Height>*<Extrusion Width>). So (15mm^3/s) / (0.3 * 0.45) = 111.11 mm/s as your fastest speed (theoretically). This doesn't take into account if you're over-extruding, either using an extrusion multiplier > 1 or if your extruder steps are set too high. If you're using a Mk2 profile, I'm not sure if this applies unless you raised the default speeds.

Posted : 18/03/2018 11:47 pm