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Why does this happen on outer edges?  

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Why does this happen on outer edges?

I've had my printer for about a year, self-assembled, recently did the Mk3S+ upgrade kit.  My calibration is "slight skew" and my belt tensions are within the ideal range from the manual, towards the tight side (lower number).  I feel like 99% of the things I print come out great.

Sometimes when printing a round thing, I get artifacts in the outer layer.  This is more noticeable with shiny filaments than others it seems.
If a thing is square, my outer wall is always nice and flush.

For example...  It seems to me like something is slipping at a higher layer, but it then corrects itself?

Question 2, sometimes, and almost always near the top, I will get pieces of filament that won't follow the path of the others, seems like they just stretch strait across, for example...

Any suggestions/ideas on what causes this, improvements I can make? or is this just considered normal?

Perhaps I should try the same part again with a different filament?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!




Posted : 06/03/2021 6:22 pm
Dan Rogers
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RE: Why does this happen on outer edges?

On the first, that cool spiral is the seam.

On the squares, the seam gets hidden on a corner.

On the second question - because of bridge angle.  Try adding "check bridging perimeter" check box, setting bridging angle to zero (better calculation), and consider whether you need supports.  Another setting that could help is "add extra perimeters if needed" - the issue is because there isn't enough overlap with the prior layer - and if that one got "shortcutted" or sagged, it just turns into fuzz after a while.


Posted : 07/03/2021 12:26 am