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TPC settings  

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TPC settings

I am looking for information on optimal print settings for TPC filaments.

I am using EasyFil 45D (Form Futura) with the following settings on a MK3S+ (.4mm nozzle/1.75mm filament):

  1. 10mm brim (both outer and inner) with 0.1mm separation gap (could be higher?)
  2. PEI smooth sheet set to 90 degrees at all times (I also tried 110 degrees with no visible differences)
  3. Nozzle set to 250 degrees at all times (I also tried 240 degrees with no visible differences)
  4. fan set to "not always on"
  5. fan autocooling enabled
  6. retraction length set to 1.2mm (copy-pasted from TPC45D's profile, not sure if this has any effect)
  7. print speed at 30mm/s (could probably be higher)

As described in this archived thread, there are significant adhesion problems: corners lift on a smooth PEI sheet even after carefully cleaning it or using a glue stick. This could be explained by the shrinkage which seems to exceed 1.3%. The same vendor sells a special glue to help with adhesion; I have not tried it, but I am curious to learn about the magical ingredient in its composition. For now I use a 10mm brims on both sides.

Overall, this material does not fit the TPU/TPE description on the flexible materials page: TPC does not seem to be sensitive to moisture, stringing does not seem to be problematic, but adhesion is extremely low. Also, I did not have to loosen the idler so much because the material is not very elastic (also, the resulting pieces seem to scratch quite easily, and are a little dull in color).

If you use a TPC material:

  • Are you also observing adhesion issues?
  • What do your settings look like?
  • What shrinkage value have you measured?
  • What is your optimal brim separation gap?


Posted : 29/05/2022 10:22 am
RE: TPC settings

Adhesion is usually a symptom of a dirty bed or z offset not being perfect.  

Chuck H
3D Printer Review Blog

Posted : 12/06/2022 12:59 am