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Strange layer shifting, cause not identified, yet  

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Strange layer shifting, cause not identified, yet


After not using it for a while, I tried to print something on my MK3S+ / MMU2S (bought 2019). I identified that there is an issue with the print, and the first visible one is with the outer loop that is done at the beginning of the print which is not closed. Apparently this kind of shift is happening on all layers.

Firmware is 3.11.0.-4955, MMU is also on the latest firmware.  Filament is Colorfabb Easy PLA. Temperatures: Nozzle 210C, Bed 60C. This is happening on all prints tested, in Prusa slicer everything looks ok.

The printer was factory reset and completely recalibrated today. The issue was identical before and after recalibration. All printer self checks are ok and no strange noises. Also belts self checks are ok, but i cannot confirm 100% as apparently in this firmware the figures related to belt tension are missing (support->belt status shows X: zero Y : zero)

Any help appreciated.

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Posted : 23/07/2022 5:56 pm